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Report: France - fashion

Diane Pernet takes a shaded view of fashion film at Paris festival


World-famous fashion critic, journalist, talent scout and blogger Diane Pernet recently held her fifth annual film festival, A Shaded View on Fashion Film, in Paris.


Since its premiere at the Jeu de Paume National Gallery in Paris in 2008, the festival has travelled to museums and institutions of New York, London and Tokyo as well as Milan, Moscow and Mexico City.

This year Pernet showed over 80 short films from 50 countries. The panel of judges consisted of American professor and film critic Emanuel Levy, Gotan Project musician Philippe Cohen Solal, Libération journalist Clément Ghys and 12 other people, led by the acclaimed French artist Orlan as the chairman.

Pernet's own favourites were Hors d'Oeuvre, a film by Monica Menez, Visiting Hour by Marie Schuller and the winner of the grand prix Headpieces for Peace by Jessica Mitrani.

Diane Pernet by Japanese photographer Araki

As the submission process is open to all, more than half of the participants were previously unknown to Pernet and her team. The main criterion was whether it appealed and was interesting to them and, therefore, their prospective audience.

After holding the festival in Paris, Pernet immediately left for Tokyo to hold the same "A Shaded View on Fashion Film", particularly showcasing the works of Japanese directors relevant to the country.

As the festival tours from New York to Milan and other  cities  around the world, Pernet works hard to inspire the artists, encouraging separate contests prior to the event. She believes that what is really special about her festival is the fact that it is international.

Pernet is also the founder of a famous blog "A Shaded View on Fashion". When selecting and filtering material for her blog, she is following one simple rule: she assumes that, if something interests her, it is going to interest her viewers.

Pernet sends collaborators all over the world, again focusing on the international scene, to contribute to her blog and believes she has built an important community of writers and journalists working together offering a window for her readers opening onto other cultures and tastes.

Pernet is an avid follower of up-and-coming fashion designers andtold RFI that she was inspired by designers who "had found their own handwriting" or worked with something that was personal to them. In addition to having original ideas, designers must show knowledge of fabric construction and craftsmanship, she said. 

Understanding a client is profoundly important in the world of fashion, too, she believes.

Nowadays many designers can create any wild and extravagant fantasy but the wearer always wants a product of high quality. Hence, even in a society where "concept" can seem all-important, a garment should not only be interesting and beautiful but should also be functional.

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