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Revenge can be sweet but not on Facebook

Reuters/Regis Duvignau/Files

The downside to Facebook has been its intrusion and often cause for break-ups among couples world-wide. But in an unusual case, it's also the reason French man David Baiche was sentenced to seven months of prison.


A court in the northern town of Calais found 39 year-old Baich guilty of creating a fake Facebook page using his ex-wife's name. Nearly 200 people, including his children and other family members discovered this page that was quick to reveal some private details of his ex’s life.

“It’s been 13 years since I’ve seen my children. She prevented me from seeing them. I created this page in revenge and also to show my children that I never did them any harm” explained Baich.

Unfortunately it was an explanation that failed to stir any sympathy in court. The judge added “three of your children are now of age and are free to see you. If they choose not to, that’s their right. There’s no need for you to go and tarnish the reputation of your ex wife”.

His ex’s lawyer also had a few words to share on the matter:

I have known this man for 14 years and he has not changed. When the children were minors, their visits to visit him in prison were changed. My client then began to receive death threats last November […] He goal was never to reinitiate contact with his children, but rather to spoil the image of their mother.

To further complicate the matter, his spotty past didn’t help his situation. With 13 previous convictions, the court decided on a harsher sentencing. The prosecutor had suggested six months of prison, but the judge opted for seven months along with 500 euros in damages.

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