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Depardieu wants an Algerian passport

Depardieu at a Russian Film festival in Nice, southern France, 6 June, 2013
Depardieu at a Russian Film festival in Nice, southern France, 6 June, 2013 Reuters/Eric Gaillard

 It didn’t take long for French actor Gérard Depardieu to make it back into headlines. This time, he’s hoping to add to his growing collection of passports with one from Algeria.


After receiving Russian nationality, and requesting Belgian citizenship, Depardieu told the weekly paper Journal du Dimanche that he wants to have a total of seven passports.

“I have seven passports from the many countries that I love, well I would like to have seven” added the somewhat controversial actor.

But seven passports, is a lot for any person, even a known man like Depardieu. “It means I would no longer have to ask for a visa” explained the star, who likened himself to a “citizen of the world”.

He also made public his support to the militant feminists Femen who are currently being tried in Tunisia. However, when asked about the incarceration of Russia’s female band Pussy Riot, he remained quiet and opted to talk more on the Tunisian feminists.  “They are courageous feminists who take responsibility for their actions. They’ve been left to fend for themselves. They’ve been condemned but they didn’t even kill anybody” said Depardieu.

When asked about the image he portrays, he explained “I think I correspond to an image that the French love, that of a rebel who overcomes barriers and is sometimes a drunk. It’s a bit of this hooligan spirit that Putin likes”, in reference to his friend Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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