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French weekly magazines review

The magazines took a break from French politics this week during the searing heat and opted instead for some human interest stories.


Marianne dedicated its edition to what it describes as an era of falsehood in France. Everyone is having a field day practising the sport, according to the left leaning newspaper from Jerome Cahuzac, the budget minister who lied about his bank accounts abroad, to the government and the opposition who manipulate job and crime statistics at will.

Dossier: The Cahuzac affair

Marianne also takes a swipe at super market chains, trading in horse meat instead of beef and lovers who must lie to cement their relationships and the press as well who have become doctors of spin. Marianne also looks back at how dodgy dossiers have destroyed the fortunes of some countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. Lies it concludes are like weapons of mass destruction. Politics as well as citizens bowing to the verdict once it is delivered.

Le Point profiles Syrian Leader Basher Al Assad. According to the publication, people who saw him grow up as a timid faceless young boy are shocked that he has become a blood thirsty tyrant responsible for the death of 100,000 Syrians

L’Express takes the lid off of one of Cuba’s well kept secrets, the family of Cuba’s “lider Maximo". According to the journal, the centre of power has shifted to Raul Castro’s clan since he inherited the political gene from his elder brother.

As the younger Castro, 81, announced that he plans to step down in 2018, L’Express advices illusionists dreaming of a change in Havana to forget. The Castro family revolution is not completed, it says. For the magazine, Castro’s heir is another Castro, Col Alejandro Castro Espin, Director of Cuba’s State intelligence services.

Le Figaro laid hands on a series of unpublished documents shedding light of the last days of Adolph Hitler, retrieved from the rubble of his bombed bunker office in Berlin by a French officer, according to the weekly. It explains that the treasure includes letters and telegrams bearing Hitler’s signature as well as other hand written missives.

Le Figaro believes that the papers will help unravel the events of the 23 to the 25 April 1945 marked by Marshal Goering’s attempted coup which ultimately led to the collapse of the last hopes of the Nazi leader.

Dossier: War in Mali

Le Nouvel Observateur writes about a new wave of Hitlermania sweeping through Germany 60 years after the collapse of the Nazi regime. The left leaning publication, documents the Germans’ passion for books, films and photo exhibitions about the horrors of the 3rd Reich.

Among the great attractions of the so called “black tourism” are the 10 “cursed” sites of Hitler’s National Socialism recently renovated due to high demand. The sites include Hitler’s last home in Berlin, the ruins of the Gestapo, the Obersalzberg, Hitler’s magical mountain, and the 1914 Wannsee Villa where the Nazis signed the final solution calling for the extermination of Jews.


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