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French illiteracy: One in every ten has difficulty writing

Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

According to a recent study, 11 per cent of French aged between 16 and 65 are illiterate, despite having gone to school.   


According to the study, illiteracy impacts about 2,5 million teenagers and adults in France. This number does not include early drop-outs from school.

The study released on Thursday by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) also shows that illiteracy varies across regions. In Ile de France (Paris and suburbs), two-thirds of the population suffering from illiteracy were not educated in France.

The study also notes that there are slightly more illiterate men than women: 12 per cent for men versus 10 per cent for women.

A person is characterised as illiterate if he or she scores less than 60 per cent in one of the three fields of reading, writing and comprehension.



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