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French teenager charged with murdering sister, trying to kill brother

The teenager confessed he "decided" to kill young brother and sister
The teenager confessed he "decided" to kill young brother and sister AFP/Patrick Kovarik

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with killing his 11-year-old sister and trying to kill his eight-year-old brother in eastern France. The brother was in a critical state in hospital in Strasbourg on Friday.  


The boy, who was taken in for questioning on Tuesday, finally confessed that he had decided to kill his 11 year-old sister and his eight year-old brother with a knife while his parents were not at home.

He finally stabbed them after being left alone with them at home on Tuesday, while his parents went out for a yoga lesson.

He himself alerted the emregency services, claiming that the attacker was a prowler.the murderer was a prowler..

His parents discovered what had happened after help had arrived.

According to public prosecutor Dominique Alzeari, the boy gave a “coherent description of the facts”.

“This was premeditated, as he explains he decided to do it,” added the magistrate.

The prosecution indicated on Thursday that the teenager would “be detained with specific and protective measures and will probably receive medical care”.

Special psychological support units have been established for the victims' classmates.

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