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French general practitioners strike in turn

Photography of Denis Bourges in his book "Country doctors"
Photography of Denis Bourges in his book "Country doctors" éd. de Juillet

Despite a “historic agreement” with emergency doctors, the government now has to deal with general practitioners who are going on strike in turn to protest against the French Health Ministry’s new bill.


Acknowledging this unprecedented “social advancement,” the Amuf, France’s emergency doctors’ association, called off their strike after just one day Tuesday.

Emergency doctors who had never stopped working but simply wore a badge reading “on strike” are now expecting an increasing influx of patients due to the GPs’ strike.

GPs are called upon by their unions to keep their cabinets closed and to refuse on-call duties. Their strike is expected to last the entire week until New Year's Eve.

At the heart of their demands: an increase from 23 to 25 euros of their medical consultations and a rewriting if not a complete withdrawal of the bill.

GPs are protesting against the potential right given to pharmacists to vaccinate patients, the increased power given to regional public health agencies and the general adoption of a third-party payment system.

Claude Leicher, the president of the main GPs union MG France alluded to a "movement of an unprecedented scale,” saying “more than 80% of medical cabinets would be closed in the regions following the strike action”.

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