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French ex-Guantanamo prisoner helps youngsters learn from his mistakes

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RFI’s Alison Hird talks to Mourad Benchellali
RFI’s Alison Hird talks to Mourad Benchellali DR

In the third of our reports on radicalisation in French prisons, former Guantanamo inmate Mourad Benchellali talks to RFI about how he avoided turning to radical Islam. Benchellali was just 19 when he spent two months in an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. After 9/11 he was picked up by the U.S. army and spent two years in Guantanamo. On his return to France, he was imprisoned again. Rather than embracing the jihadist cause, he's chosen to share his experience with young people and warn them of the dangers of radicalisation.

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