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Paris' new rent control legislation incomplete: real estate agent

A Haussmann-style building in Paris
A Haussmann-style building in Paris Lidwien van Dixhoorn

Rent prices in Paris are now officially capped. Since 1 August, landlords are now limited in how much they can charge to tennants. The new law is meant to calm an inflated real estate market in the French capital. It was one of French President François Hollande key promises during his 2012 campaign.


Rent prices based on the size of the flat and the location.

Some landlords and real estate agencies have protested against the new cap, however.

Pierre Antoine Menez, of France’s National Federation of Estate Professionals, is not keen on the law.

He says a provision in which landlords can go beyond the official price limit because of special features in the flat   called a complement de loyer   is problematic.

“The problem is that it is difficult to make average prices in Paris because there are a lot of different buildings,” he tells RFI.

“If an apartment has something exceptional, you can put a complément de loyer, but they did not take care of the fact the apartment might have an elevator or not, for example.

“A part of the law is very badly written and nobody knows exactly what it is, and this is a bad sign for the owners.”

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