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French airports hit on second day of air traffic controllers' strike

Orly airport in 2014
Orly airport in 2014 Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Air traffic in France was seriously disrupted on Monday on the second day of a strike by air traffic controllers. Worst-hit was Paris's Orly airport, wher 140 passengers were stranded overnight, and Marseille, although international flights were less severely affected than domestic ones.


Half of flights in and out of Orly, which mainly serves domestic and European destinations, on Sunday.
The aviation authority, DGAC, asked airports to cancel flights and predicted delays on Monday:

  • Paris Orly, 33 percent of flights cancelled, delays average 2 hours 30 minutes;
  • Marseille, 30 percent of flights cancelled;
  • Lyon, Nice, Beauvais, 20 percent of flights cancelled;
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle, delays expected.

Airlines warned of cancellations of delays:

  • Air France expected to maintain all its international flights and all flights in and out of Charles De Gaulle, while warning that delays and last-minute cancellations were possible and suggesting that passengers to destinations in France postpone their trips until Thursday;
  • Easyjet cancelled 90 flights on Monday, said further problems were possible and that there were delays for planes passing through French airspace;
  • Ryanair cancelled flights on Sunday and Monday.

The strike has been called b one of several unions but has won a lot of support.
It is to protest in an alleged reduction in personnel and failure to invest in new technology.

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