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RFI calls for release of its hausa correspondent in Cameroon


In Cameroon, a court hearing for RFI's Hausa service correspondent, Ahmed Abba, has been postponed until July 6th.


Abba has been held in custody for nearly a year with "no evidence" presented to support the accusations against him of 'complicity with terrorist acts',

In a statement, RFI’s board of directors called for the immediate release of Abba saying that it is clear from the lack of evidence presented before the court that Abba is innocent.

The statement also noted the change in the composition of the court and is calling for a new hearing.

“The RFI management notes the change in the composition of the tribunal, including the President and the Government Commissioner, who are now civil magistrates rather than military judges,” the statement reads.

“It also notes the request of Ahmed Abba’s counsel for the holding a special session of the court, without which, its correspondent will be forced to stay in prison."

RFI regrets that Abba's case has again been delayed, and calls on the authorities in Yaounde to release him.

It also noted that Abba was held for three months in a prison under the authority of the DGRE (the General Directorate for External Research) intelligence service without having access to a lawyer.

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