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Eiffel Tower attacker to face psychiatric tests

A soldier in front of the Eiffel Tower
A soldier in front of the Eiffel Tower AFP

The detention of the man arrested trying to force his way into the Eiffel Tower with a knife was prolonged on Monday, mainly so that he could undergo psychiatric tests. Meanwhile, football star Neymar, has declared himself "blown away" by the welcome the Paris landmark was giving him at the time.


The 19-year-old of Mauritanian origin was kept in detention Monday so that the investigation could continue, notably into the state of his mental health, a source told the Reuters news agency.

He was previously reported to have been released from psychiatric care in June but it now emerges that his hospitalisation was renewed for six months then and he was out on three days' leave this weekend.

The man, who said he wanted to kill a soldier and that he was in touch with the Islamic State armed group after being arrested, was given a suspended prison sentence for justifying terrorism and death threats in December, the source said.

Neymar delighted by welcome

He was wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football shirt at the time of his arrest, which took place as the tower was lit up in the team's colours as a welcome to soccer star Neymar, who had just joined the team at enormous expense.

In a video posted on social networks the world's most expensive football player said he and his family were "blown away" by the welcome.

On Sunday night he tweeted a photo of himself standing in front of the landmark, with PSG fans' slogan '"Ici c'est Paris" (It's Paris here) - a gesture that was only slightly marred by an error of punctuation.

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