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Spotlight on France

Podcast: Yellow Vests on the campaign trail, France unprepared for climate change, and Cannes

Audio 25:25
Spotlight on France episode 7
Spotlight on France episode 7 RFI

This week, the Yellow Vests get political: We meet a DJ running for a seat in the European parliament in next weekend's election. He's enthusiastic, but can the party federate the movement? Also, France is not prepared for the effects of climate change, says a new Senate report. The authors want policy to focus more on adaptation, rather than on just reducing emissions. And Macron looks for heroes. The Eiffel Tower celebrates 130 years of opening to the public. Not everyone was happy with the structure at the time. Plus, the Cannes film festival: We look at whether it's a platform to talk about film, or issues... or both. And an interview with the directors of a documentary about the notorious Baumettes prison in Marseille. In this episode:André Lannée, EU Parliament candidate, Alliance Jaune (Yellow Vest list)Alice Odiot and Jean-Robert Viallet, directors of 'Des Hommes', documentary film about French prison Les BaumettesSenate report on the effects of climate change in France through 2050 Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (link here).For more stories about France and beyond, visit

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