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Spotlight on France

Podcast: banlieue Gay Pride, women's football in France, the greening of Macronism

Audio 21:12
Spotlight on France episode 11
Spotlight on France episode 11 RFI

The origins of women's football in France and how the language is trying to keep up with game. Also, the first gay pride march in poorer working-class suburbs known as les banlieues aiming at fighting growing homophobia. Plus,  A&E hospital workers at breaking point opt to strike. And can the government avoid double-speak in its pledge to boost both the environment and the economy? In this episode:Ghislaine Royer-Soeuf, former captain of Rheims women's football teamSaint-Denis Ville au Coeur, organisers of the Gay Pride march in St Denis Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts (link here).For more stories about France and beyond, visit

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