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Video shows Paris motorist attacking blind pedestrian's assistant [Video][Update]

Screengrab of the alleged assault by a driver on the assistant of a blind man crossing road in Paris.
Screengrab of the alleged assault by a driver on the assistant of a blind man crossing road in Paris. courtsey of LiveLeak

The Paris motorist who was filmed brushing past a blind man and his assistant at a pedestrian crossing in a car  in the 12th district of Paris last week and then visibly attacking the assistant  will appear in court in Paris next month on charges of assault.


The video, which appeared first on the LiveLeak network last weekend, has went viral on Twitter and other social media after circulating on social networks.

It shows a blind person and his companion, who has been identified as his brother, being assaulted by the motorist who has just grazed them on a pedestrian crossing.

The video provoked angry reaction across the web from internauts outraged by a driver who attacked a disabled person trying to cross the road.

It shows that despite the pedestrians being well out onto the crossing, the driver of the car - an Audi A7 – drove through the crossing without stopping and almost hit them.

The blind person’s guide reacted by hitting the roof of the car to warn the driver to pay attention. The car then stops. The driver gets out of the car, but instead of apologising, he rushes over to the two pedestrians and violently pushes the disabled person’s guide, slaps him and tries to hit him again and again.

The cyclist on the right of the video, in reaction, announced that he would call the police and took out his phone to take a picture of the license plate of the Audi.

“It was impossible to reason [with him]. Even his wife could not calm him down. The only way I found [to calm him down] was to cry out loud that I was going to call the police. It is at this moment that he recoils and returns to his car,” he told LiveLeak

In a Facebook post, the Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted in France stressed "the inadmissibility of this situation and invite[s] the visually impaired person as well as his companion, to file a complaint right now so that this situation does not happen again and is condemned".

It is not clear yet whether the pedestrians have filed charges.


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