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Futuristic designs dazzle at Paris concept cars show

A car that turned many heads at the event was the Lamborghini V12 vision Gran Turismo
A car that turned many heads at the event was the Lamborghini V12 vision Gran Turismo Dhananjay Khadilkar

An autonomous car with a lounge, a two-seater electric SUV with a top speed of over 250km/hr, a luxurious car that uses artificial intelligence to curate your journey according to your preferences and a racing car that was turned into an art work thanks to a famous street artist and illustrator - these were some of the attractions of the concept car exhibition that was held recently in Paris.


The exhibition was a part of the 35th edition of the International Automobile Festival that culminated with the concept cars event.

These superbly crafted cars offered a peek into the design and technologies that the cars of the future are likely to embrace like the Citroen 19_19 concept which boasts cutting-edge technology in the form of autonomous driving, impressive maximum speed of 200 km/hr and extraordinary comfort for passengers.

Paris concept cars show

Another concept car on display that reaches impressive speed was the Kangaroo. Made by the Turin based company GFG Style, this electric, hyper SUV can reach 0-100 km/hr in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/hr. The sleekly designed car boasts a carbon-fibre body.

Some of the other vehicles that turned heads included the Bentley EXP 100 GT concept, Lamborghini V12 vision Gran Turismo, Kruger FD and an artistic Ligier sports prototype that was hand painted by the famous street artist Nairone Defives in 24 hours during the 2019 Le Mans race.

Among these dazzling cars stood an innovative concept made by the French startup Gazelle tech. The salient features of this car are that it uses twice less amount of energy due to weight reduction and it can be assembled locally.

“It’s a full composite car that enables us to consume twice less energy. We have also patented a full composite chassis technology which maintains comfort and security while reducing the weight of the car,” Gael Lavaud, CEO of Gazelle tech told RFI.

He also said that the car chassis is made of only 10 parts which makes its assembly possible in one hour. “We can send all the spare parts in containers to micro industries which can assemble the cars locally. So, instead of just selling and maintaining the cars, distributors can assemble them as well thus creating more local jobs.”

The car can be recharged with its cover that is embedded with solar panels. Made by the company ACPV, the cover can charge the car for a range of 20 km range every day.


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