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World doesn't end at 11.11, 11/11/11

Don Davis/Nasa

Despite predictions that the world would end at 11.11 am today - with the date being 11/11/11 - it has failed to do so ... by central European time, anyway.


Thousands of people all over the world were reported to be preparing for the end of  the world or another exceptionla event when the number one aligned at 11.11am on 11/11/11 according to the Christian calendar.

Speculation of a forthcoming end of the world was not perturbed by the presence of the number 20 in the full date and drew wide-ranging conclusions from the fact that the indivisible number appeared 10 times at that moment.

Some theorists saw a connection with 9/11 and the fact that the twin towers destroyed in those attacks were similar to the figure.

More optimistic Swiss couples programmed their marriages for the date, hoping it would bring good luck.

Israeli magician Uri Geller and American numerologist Solara also predicted major events because of the number, the latter forecasting a "great change" in planetary consciousness.

The internet has been awash with speculation on the subject, not all of it serious as in the case of a French surfer who has organised an end of the world party in Aix-en-Provence

 No decisive historical events appear to have taken place on 11 November 1111.

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