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French student found dead in suitcase in "Breaking Bad" inspired killing

Police officer in Toulouse.
Police officer in Toulouse. Pablo029/CC/Wikimedia

A 23-year old student has been found dead inside a suitcase in the southern city of Toulouse, in a suspected revenge killing. The victim is said to have been killed after failing to pay back a 6,000 euro debt to her drug traffickers. Four people are in custody for premeditated manslaughter.


The victim's body was found decomposing in a flat in Toulouse on Monday night, after having being cut up into pieces, covered in cling film and bunged into a suitcase.

Apparently chlorine acid had been used to try and disguise any trace of the corpse

Her killers did everything to avoid getting caught... Going so far as to barricade the victim's door from police and blasting the flat with air freshner to hide the rotting smell.

It's believed they were inspired by the American prison series "Breaking Bad."

All this was of course in revenge for the victim failing to pay back a 6,000 euro debt, contracted over the course of drug selling, or lack of in this case.

The victim, 23 year old Eva Bourseau, had been studying Humanities and languages at one of the top universities in Toulouse before dropping out, and that's when she fell in with the wrong crowd.

Three men and a woman aged between 19 and 22, are in custody over her murder, which is being treated as premeditated manslaughter.

This case has once again reignited the problem of drug trafficking in Toulouse, which contrary to popular belief is common. This time last year, two suspected revenge killings were reported linked to the city’s illegal drugs trade.

However, Marseille, France’s second largest city, still has a far higher death toll linked to drug traffickers in the city’s northern districts.

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