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Second suicide attack on Baghdad military complex


A multiple suicide bombing killed twelve people at an Iraqi defence ministry complex on Sunday, three weeks after the same site was hit by a massive suicide attack in which dozens died. Attackers blew up a minibus at the rear gate of the Rusafa Military Command headquarters in east Baghdad at around 10.50 am local time.


As many as five attackers, each wearing belts of explosives, are believed to have been inside the vehicle.

Two died inside the van, while the other three exchanged fire with soldiers before blowing themselves up, according to security officials.

Twelve bodies are reported to have been recovered, most of them civilians.

At least 36 were wounded, among them patients at the nearby Medical City Hospital who suffered fractures from falling masonry.

The Rusafa site was being used as an army recruitment centre on 17 August when a suicide bomber struck, an attack claimed by Al-Qaeda.

Sunday's explosion is the biggest to hit Baghdad since.

It comes five days after US forces officially ended their combat mission in Iraq.


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