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Correspondent's Call: Shona Bhattacharyya on Kurdish deal with Syrian army

RFI Correspondent's Call
RFI Correspondent's Call RFI

The situation on the ground in North Eastern Syria is shifting rapidly.On this seventh day of Operation Peace Spring, Syrian government forces have entered the are East of the Euphrates, adding another element to the ongoing fighting in the area.Turkey says it has made advances as well, capturing two strategic towns on the other side of the border ... that had resisted Turkish troops since the beginning of the offensive.But contrary to what the Turkish government says, civilians have been killed in the last few hours.According to the United Nations, some 130,000 people have been displaced by the operation so far.Correspondent Shona Bhattacharyya reports from Istanbul on the latest developments on the ground.


*Broadcast on Paris Live 15h CET, 10 October 2019*

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