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Customs official suspended for photo with Obama's passport


A French regional customs chief has been suspended because he had his photo taken with Barack Obama’s passport. US secret service agents complained when the incident took place during their president’s arrival at last month’s G8 Summit in northern France.


Barack Obama may have published a copy of his birth certificate but his minders don't want photographs of his passport circulating.

The regional director of customs for Basse Normandie is at home twiddling his thumbs as an inquiry into his behaviour takes place, officials have confirmed.

He has been suspended for up to three weeks and trade unionists expect him to be transferred to another region for his star-struck moment.

Local radio reports that the man, not named because of the disciplinary procedures he is undergoing, was so enamoured of the US president that he asked someone to photograph him with the passport which he had to stamp at the Deauville Saint-Gatien airport on 26 May.

US secret service officials were present and were not amused. They immediately complained to their French counterparts, leading to immediate disciplinary action.

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