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French can shop in Marks and Spencers again

The famous British food and clothes store Marks and Spencer launched a French- language online shop on Tuesday, just weeks before the official opening of a major new branch on the Champs Elysées in Paris.


Marks and Spencer is already well-known in France - the company's research suggests that there is already 70 per cent brand-awareness among French shoppers.

Ten years ago the last M&S in France closed, in line with the policy of the time, which was to consolidate the home market.

Many Parisians were dismayed at the decision - a number of British favourites such as lunchtime sandwiches and pork pies had become surprisingly popular in the culinary capital of the world.

And there were protests from trade unions, angry that 1,700 French employees were made redundant.

The retailer now hopes the Champs Elysées store will be the first of many more French outlets, but in the meantime Marks and Spencer clothing should be available for delivery in France from the new French website (

Laura Wade-Gery, the chain's executive director of e-commerce say "It's absolutely right that our first international website should launch here in France, where we know there's a great awareness of M&S."



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