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Wolf caught on 'speed camera' in France

Préfecture de l'Ardèche

An extraordinary picture of a wolf, taken by an automatic camera during the night, is important evidence for the people of Cellier-du-Luc in the Ardèche region in southeastern France, who have long suspected at least one wolf roams in the area.


The camera was installed after locals became concerned and the picture was taken on the night of 11 April. It has since been authenticated by experts.

“80 of our sheep have been killed and 62 injured in the space of one year”, Mickaël Giraud told French newspaper Aujourd’hui en France on Monday

The local authorities are putting up electric fences, and providing Alsation dogs trained to protect sheep, while advising local farmers to keep their animals indoors at night if possible.

Giraud believes the problem must be solved at European level. He wants an EU directive on wild animals and plants to be revised. The directive classes the wolf as a highly-protected species.

He also insists that local authorities should be responsible for confining wolves to certain areas. “Public authorities have allowed the wolf to conquer territory, they must now take responsibility.”

10 million euros per year is set aside to protect and compensate local people affected by wolves, but Giraud says as much as 25 million will soon be needed.

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