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McDonald's on the rise in France


McDonald’s announced a 4.8% increase in sales in France since January. 


France is showing a healthy appetite for the famous brand, with a 4.8% increase in sales since the beginning of the year.

These numbers were released in July, but do not indicate whether the average activity per restaurant also increased.

Reasons for McDo’s popularity in France can be attributed to a diversified product range that includes salads, fresh fruit, and croque-monsieur sandwiches.

This has helped change McDonald’s image from a ‘junk food’ restaurant into a more nutritious brand that even stocks French cuisine.

McDonald’s trusted best-seller, the hamburger, has become a popular eat-out choice not only at McDo’s but also at American style diners popping up in Paris.

Consequently McDonald’s hamburger sales in France increased by 40% in two years, according to a study by Gira Conseil.

There are 1 285 McDonald's restaurants in France. 

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