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Road deaths in France lower in July

Reuters/Charles Platiau

The number of road deaths in July in France is the lowest in sixty years: 304 people were killed in road accidents . During the same period last year, 344 people were killed.


The Government has launched safety reforms to reduce the number of deaths on the roads and reach their goal to decrease yearly deaths to fewer than 2000 per year by 2020.

These reforms include lowering the speed limit in certain places, and using radar speed controls to discourage speeding.

In 2013, a total of 3268 people died in road accidents in France.

Good news for the French Road Safety Association is that after a slight increase in the number of road deaths during June, fatal accidents in July in comparison with 2013 fell by 11, 6 percent.

But the roads are still deadlier this year than previous years. The total number of deaths at the end of July was 1833. At the same time last year 1761 people had died on French roads.

The Road Safety Association has called for continued vigilance on the roads, noting the continued rise in road deaths, and the fact that the holiday season is not over yet. Many holiday-goers will be returning home within the next two weeks. 

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