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France's iconic left wing newspaper Libération to cut a third of jobs


French daily Libération on Monday announced plans to cut one third of its workforce to save the newspaper founded by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973.


It is the biggest cut ever in the left-leaning newspaper: 93 jobs out of 250 are concerned.

"It is not the Libération I knew" said a an old-timer after the meeting on Monday, while several journalists left in tears and refused to comment.

"It was an unavoidable decision to save the paper" said Libération editor Laurent Joffrin.

The management hopes to helpLibération to turn a profit next year, as now the newspaper is losing 22,000 euros a day. 

The newspaper, currently located in the heart of Paris, will also move to a cheaper area. 

The editorial team will also be reorganised on its print and web versions.

Libération prints 125,000 issues daily but has recorded a serious drop since 2012.


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