More snow forecast as Paris freezes

A skier hits the slope in front the Sacré Coeur cathedral
A skier hits the slope in front the Sacré Coeur cathedral Pierre René-Worms

Weather watchers forecast more snow in Paris and the surrounding region on Thursday night, following this week's heavy snowfall that brought chaos to public transport and skiers to the slopes of the Montmartre hill.


Only eight départements were on black ice and snow alert on Thursday afternoon, down from 45 at the beginning of the week, and the sun put in an appearance in the capital.

But official forecaster Météo France warned of the danger of ice formed from the 12 centimetres of snow that fell on much of northern France this week.

Paris is for lovers, even when it freezes
Paris is for lovers, even when it freezes Pierre René-Worms

And it said more snow was on the way, starting as rain over Brittany, in the west, but getting thicker and whiter as it headed east to Normandy and the Paris region.

Between three and seven centimetres was likely to fall, Météo France said, adding that it could be more in some places.

Emergency services reported a steep rise in the number of accidents caused by ice after a night that saw temperatures fall as low as -13.7°C, the lowest for years, in parts of the Paris region.

The chaos in public transport had subsided on Thursday morning and there were only 100km of traffic jams in the Paris area, a third of the average, because drivers had heeded advice to leave their cars at home.

Airports reported normal traffic.

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