10 French far-rightists charged with plot to attack Muslims

Police near the house of Guy S in Tonnay-Charente
Police near the house of Guy S in Tonnay-Charente AFP

Ten members of a far-right network have been charged with participating in a plot to attack Muslims. The suspects, nine men and one woman aged 32 to 69, were arrested in raids across France on Saturday.


Judicial sources said the suspects, who were arrested on Saturday night, had an ill-defined plan to commit violent acts targeting people of the Muslim faith.

Police have linked them to a little-known group called Operational Forces Action, which urges French people to combat the "enemy within", ie Muslims.

Rifles, handguns and homemade grenades were found during searches of premises in the Paris area, the Mediterranean island of Corsica and the western Charentes-Maritimes region.

The group's suspected leader, identified as Guy S, was a monitor for the far-right National Front, now the National Rally, during last year's presidential and legislative elections.

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