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Sex education gets serious in Senegal

Audio 07:48
Dakar, Senegal
Dakar, Senegal Jeff Attaway/CC/Wikimedia
By: Emmanuelle Landais

In Senegal, young single people represent the high priority segment of the population according to experts in family planning. Yet they’re often excluded from awareness campaigns on sex education and sexual health, since sex outside marriage is taboo.Today 23% of the population uses modern contraception.. but the goal to have 45% of the population using it by 2020, seems set for failure.  The government launched an outreach programme to help people adopt a family planning strategy and specifically to reduce maternal deaths, and space out pregnancies.To do so, designated neighbourhood-godmothers have been assigned to go door- to- door and discuss contraception methods with couples and families.Emmanuelle Landais reports from Dakar.Click the 'play' button above to listen or subscribe to our podcast by searching 'RFI international report'.

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