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Cameroon faces rise in kidnapping cases

Audio 07:26
A street in Bamenda, Cameroon
A street in Bamenda, Cameroon Wikimedia Commons

In Cameroon's minority English-speaking communities, which have been hit since late 2016 by a deadly sociopolitical crisis, a new criminal trade, kidnapping for ransom, has emerged.The phenomenon, which has spread rapidly across the region’s towns and cities,was hardly heard of before the unrest began.Today, it is commonplace to hear that people have been seized from their homes, work places, on journeys and even from the streets in broad daylight.Civil servants, politicians, business people, religious and community leaders, teachers and students have all been victims.From Bamenda, correspondent Alphonse Tebeck has more.Click the 'play' button above to listen to the audio report, or subscribe to our podcast by searching 'RFI international report.

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