Madagascar - Ravalomanana interview

Deposed Malagasy leader urges EU/UN sanctions

Madagascar’s former president, Marc Ravalomanana, has called on the UN and European Union to join the African Union (AU) in enforcing sanctions against leader Andry Rajoelina in an interview with RFI. Rajoelina has failed to meet a deadline to set up a unity government.


Ravalomanana’s comments are his first public reaction since 17 March, when the African Union Peace and Security Council slapped harsh penalties on Rajoelina, who seized power a year ago, and 108 other senior government officials.

“He is denying the African Union and other bodies who want a free and fair elections … the United Nations and European Union should reinforce sanctions against him and his followers. This is very important to put pressure on him,” says Ravalomanana, adding that his rival is quickly losing credibility in Madagascar.

Interview: Marc Ravalomanana

“He signed the agreement in Maputo with the Malagasy political leaders … they promised to work together to restore democracy and the rule of law.”

Rajoelina has rebuffed past attempts by the AU to initiate fresh dialogue to implement power-sharing agreements signed in Maputo and Addis Ababa last year.

Ravalomanana, who is in exile in South Africa, says Rajoelina had “transformed a prosperous country into a country in crisis,” and calls on his successor to be faithful to the terms of the agreements.

“If they do agree to free and fair elections and to implement the agreement we signed in Maputo, then I will happily work together to bring back democracy and prosperity to Madagascar," the deposed president says.

As stipulated under the terms of the agreement, Ravalomanana said he would not return to Madagascar until an inclusive government is established.

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