World is ignoring Uganda's LRA war, says rights group

Map: Mark Dingemanse

An international advocacy group says that Uganda's notorious Lord's Resistance Army rebels continue to wage a two-year campaign of terror against civilians in the Central African Republic, which has been largely ignored by the rest of the world.


In a new report released Thursday, the Enough Project describes the LRA’s deadly but under-reported track record in a largely forgotten corner of Africa.

Ledio Cakaj, Enough Project

The Enough Project report is based upon extensive interviews with eyewitnesses and details 57 LRA attacks that resulted in hundreds of killings and abductions since February 2008.

Three top LRA commanders including its leader Joseph Kony have been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

Ledio Cakaj who compiled the report told RFI that the rebel group has abducted hundreds of children to serve as militants in the rebel group that has waged a campaign of terror across four countries in the last few years.

Addressing the question as to why the global media appear to seem to have ignored the burgeoning problem, Cakai cited three main reasons, highlighting the “sheer remoteness of the area” with no UN offices and very few other international bodies.

He also pointed out that located 1000 km from the capital “the government have little interest in an area that is hardly political.”

Furthermore he said that due to the instability of the area “NGOS are afraid to go there especially after the LRA attack on an Italian NGO truck in December 2009.”

Cakai described the situation as “critical” and said that although the LRA has been weakened by its division into at least three or four groups which have since scattered and hampered communication, “their potential for massive violence and displacement and general cull and conflict still remains intact.”

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