South Africa

Foreign agents involved in shooting of Rwandan general


Security operatives were involved in the shooting last month of Rwandan General Faustin Nyamwasa, South Africa’s foreign ministry said Thursday. General Faustin Nyamwasa was living in exile in Johannesburg. He was shot and wounded outside his home on 19 June 2010, four months after he came to South Africa seeking asylum.


Nyamwasa fled to South Africa in February after abandoning his post as Rwanda’s envoy to India.

Nyamsawa’s wife Rosette, who was in the car with him during the shooting, believes the attack was a political assassination attempt. Nothing was stolen during the incident, she said.

South Africa is carefully not accusing the Rwandan government, which denies any role in the attack. Nyamwasa’s fallen out with the Kigali government that’s angry about his finding refuge in South Africa, correspondent Jean-Jacques Cornish told RFI from Pretoria.

“We want to be cautious and we are not pointing an accusing finger at any country,” said Ayande Ntsaluba, South Africa’s most senior diplomat.

Ntsaluba said it is common practice for a country to have declared security operatives in another.

Six people were arrested in connection with last month’s shooting. Two were released without being charged.

The remaining four appeared in court facing an attempted murder charge. Police have declined to identify their nationalities or comment on their motive.

Ntsaluba says the Nyamwasa case involves a country with which South Africa has good and strong diplomatic relations.

“This is why we will not make a determination about where the suspected attackers of General Nyamwasa come from,” he said.

Prosecutors have said they’re from Tanzania, Somalia and Mozambique.

The case was postponed so their legal status in the country could be determined, said Cornish.

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