Guinea election results postponed to Friday

Reuters /Luc Gnago

Guinea’s Supreme Court has allowed the electoral commission an extra 48 hours to publish initial results from last Sunday's presidential election. The preliminary results were initially expected by Wednesday.


The postponement came as no surprise in the capital of Conakry. But it has fuelled mounting suspicions of election fraud.

In the past few days, 21 of the 24 parties that participated in the presidential election have multiplied their accusations of ballot-box stuffing. Guinea’s electoral commission has called these accusations "unfounded rumours".

France 24 TV on Guinea's election


The commission cited problems of logistics, organisation and security to explain its decision. In certain regions of the country, the counting of ballots and the compiling of election results have been particularly slow.

The president of Guinea’s electoral commission, Ben Sékou Sylla, has been accused by several candidates who ran in last Sunday’s election. Sylla has also been criticised by Guinea’s Ministry of the Administration of Territory (Mataf) and the National Council of Communication (CNC) for the lack of transparency in the recent election.

Faced with growing discontent against the election commission under his management, Sylla has tried to maintain calm by meeting with the presidential candidates’ parties, reports RFI's Olivier Roger from Conakry. But some presidential candidates have already had to call for order, in an effort to prevent party activists taking to the streets.

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