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Cameroonian pays tribute to the life of journalist Pius Njawe

Tony Cross
1 min

The media in Cameroon, including the daily newspaper he founded, Le Messager, are paying tribute to Pius Njawe, an independent journalist who died in a car accident in the United States earlier this week. Adamou Ndam Njoya, a former Education minister who is now with the opposition, says Njawe was a truly independent journalist. 


Njawe "was an honest man," said Njoya, who was interviewed in RFI's studios in Paris on Thursday. "He wanted to know things and to inform and to change views and go deeply when we started a multi-party system [in Cameroon]... He wanted to make Cameroonians aware of democracy," he says.

Njawe did not do what the government wanted him to do, because he was truly an independent journalist, says Njoya. "At that time, being independent seemed to be with the opposition... it was not easy," he adds.

You can relate that in a country like ours, it was not so easy to be independent, to develop his own opinions, says Njoya.

The media has described Njawe as a "legend", and Njoya agrees. There was a fight for information to be put out for the public, he says, and Njawe was at the forefront.

After living in a one-party system, in a one-party state for so long, new traditions had to be created, says Njoya. We had to "create a new tradition of democracy, a tradition of free expression. He was one of those who worked for it."



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