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Swallowed cocaine bag kills Nigerian drug mule

Wikimedia Commons/Korwin
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A Nigerian man who swallowed bags of cocaine in an attempt to smuggle the drugs to Europe has died after one of the bags ruptured in his stomach, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) said.


"Hakeem Adesegun Habeeb died last week at a Lagos hospital after a surgical intervention revealed an exploded bag of cocaine in his intestines,” said NDLEA spokesperson Mitchel Ofoyeju.

Habeeb, who was acting as a "mule" for drug smugglers, had swallowed 30 small bags of cocaine. He fell ill at his home due the effect of the drug in his stomach, and was taken to emergency care.

"When he was close to the point of dying, Habeen admitted to having swallowed the bags of cocaine and we operated on him," said the NDLEA official.

The operation removed all the cocaine bags except the exploded one that caused his death, he added.

West Africa, with Nigeria at its hub, is a major drug route between South America and Europe.


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