Nigeria election chief calls to postpone vote


Nigeria's electoral commission called on Tuesday to postpone presidential elections in the country from January to April in order to be better prepared for the vote. The commission said that the process will take at least two additional months after the 22 January 2011 date which was set last week.


A new voter registry must be made because the 2007 list has numerous false names.

Nigeria's presidential elections normally take place in April with inauguration in May, but lawmakers voted to move up the date in order for disputes to be settled ahead of swearing-in ceremonies.

A number of politicians have thrown their support behind returning the election date back to its original timeline to give the committee sufficient time to prepare. This measure could be helpful in avoiding issues such as election rigging.

"It is clear that there is an overwhelming consensus that we are facing a serious time constraint, and it is necessary for something to be done to address this time constraint," said Electoral chief Attahiru Jega.

The presidential election is currently scheduled for 22 January, while the parlimentary vote is slated for 15 January and the governors selection is set for 29 January.


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