Côte d'Ivoire

Ouattara rallies in Abidjan in presidential run-off bid

AFP/Olivier Pojman

Côte d’Ivoire presidential candidate and former prime minister Alassane Ouwattara aims to fill the country’s national stadium Saturday in a show of support ahead of the 28 November run-off vote. Incumbent Laurent Gbagbo holds a rally today in Agboville, 80km north of Abidjan, and will hit the stadium later in the week.


On Friday afternoon supporters of the rivals clashed in Abidjan when about 300 pro-Gbagbo students faced off against Ouattara supporters. Both sides were armed with batons and clubs and some started throwing stones and other objects at their opponents.

About 20 people, including two police officers, were injured.

The security forces used tear gas to stop some youths trying to enter the Ouattara campaign headquarters. Police later blamed the coalition that backs the former-PM for the violence – the first incident of its size during the campaign.

They later prevented Ouattara supporters approaching the Gbagbo campaign HQ.

US President Barack Obama called for a “peaceful and transparent” vote.

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