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Abuja tense ahead of PDP primary

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Security forces have been deployed in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, as the ruling Peoples Democratic Party is set to choose its presidential candidate Thursday. There are three contenders for the nomination, but it looks to be a contest between President Goodluck Jonathan and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.


PDP delegates have been pouring into Abuja from all over the country and the city has been painted with different colourful posters of the contestants.

Of the over 60 political parties in Nigeria, the most keenly and fiercely contested presidential primary is that of the PDP because an incumbent President is running, and a former vice president has vowed to defeat him.

The two candidates have been engaged in serious blackmail of each other in newspaper, radio and TV advertisements. Abubakar is accusing the President of not completely declaring his assets completely.

Jonathan, in turn, is accusing Abubakar of money laundering, and says Abubakar will use force to effect change, should he lose.

Eagle Square, in Abuja, has been cordoned off, as it is where the party will chose its candidate, and was the spot where bombers wanted to attack in October. Motorists are being diverted to different routes to avoid passing through the venue.

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