Tunis protest demands RCD ban


Hundreds of demonstrators demanded the banning of deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s party, the RCD, on Wednesday morning, as state radio promised more changes in the coalition government that took over after he fled the country.


The protesters called for the RCD to be disbanded, a new constitution and a “new republic”, a day after demonstrations across the country against the presence of some of Ben Ali’s ministers are in the so-called “unity government”.

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Banners on Wednesday’s rally accused Mohamed Ridha Chalghoum of links to the family of Ben Ali’s wife, widely accused of corruption and abuse of power.

Earlier national television announced that the curfew introduced during the anti-Ben Ali uprising has been shortened by two hours, meaning that it would start at 8pm. Other emergency measures – limits on the right of assembly and authorisation for security forces to shoot anyone fleeing security checks – remain in force.

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