Mubarak says he'll stay on until elections

Egyptian State TV via Reuters TV

Addressing the nation in a live television transmission on Thursday night Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said he would continue to “shoulder” his responsibility as leader of the country until presidential elections. He announced six constitution amendments and said he was not embarrassed to be listening to the Egyptian youth, although he would not accept foreign diktats.


Mubarak addressed the “youth of Egypt stationed in Tahrir and nationwide” with what he called a “speech from the heart”.

He said the demands of the protesters were lawful and legitimate, and he took “pride” in those “calling for a change for the better”.

But he said he had taken an oath “before God and before the nation” and had therefore “laid down a vision to exit the crisis”.

He acknowledged the people “martyred and injured” adding that their blood “was not spilled in vain”.

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