Kadhafi says people in power

Reuters/Libyan State Television

“There is no other power but people’s power,” Libya’s Moamer Kadhafi declared on the 16th day of the uprising in his country. At a ceremony to mark the 34th anniversary of the declaration that “people’s committees” run Libya, he accused Arab media of bias against him, and Al-Qaeda of fuelling the rebellion.


“Since 1977 I and the officers [who led the 1969 revolution against the monarchy] have handed over power the the people,” Kadhafi told a crowd, which from time to time broke out into chants supporting him.

In his fourth televised address since  the revolt started, Kadhafi mocked demands that he resign, pointing out that he holds no formal position but went on to claim that the mass of the people are still behind him.


Demonstrations of government supporters show that he is still popular, he claimed.

“These demonstrations are not shown on Arabic channels … let them witness these demonstrations of support for Kadhafi.”

Kadhafi warned that "thousands of Libyans would be killed" if the United States or Nato
intervene and declared that the freezing of Libyan assets abroad is "theft".

Al-Qaeda, “whose members infiltrated from abroad into our country”, has stirred up rebellion, Kadhafi claimed, decrying “chaos” in the eastern city of Benghazi, where, he claimed, the rebels had threatened atrocities against military officers.

Reports that there were peaceful demonstrations which came under fire in Benghazi and Bayda were "lies", he said.

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