Madagascar government resigns in first step of transitional roadmap

AFP/Grégoire Pourtier

Madagascar’s Prime Minister and his government resigned Thursday, a first step in the implementation of a roadmap to end the political crisis in the country. The roadmap was initialled on Wednesday by eight political parties, and would allow the president of the transitional authority, Andry Rajoelina, to continue leading the country.


Prime Minister Camille Vital has been the transition authority’s Prime Minister since December 2009. He will be replaced by a Prime Minister picked from a list of names drawn up by the signatories of the roadmap.

A new Prime Minister will create a broader transitional administration, to get ready for elections.

According to the roadmap, the president will pick a new "consensus prime minister" from the list. That person will have to come from a different region and political party than the president's.

Rajoelina said the choice should be revealed early next week, after each candidate speaks with his staff at the end of this week.

The Southern African Development Community (Sadc), which has been mediating an end to the political crisis in Madagascar, is expected to formally sign the roadmap at a summit later in March.

Sadc mediator Leonardo Simao claimed former President Marc Ravalomanana and his party would join the roadmap.

Ravalomanana, who was ousted in a 2009 coup lead by Rajoelina, lives in exile in South Africa. One of the conditions of the roadmap is that he not return to Madagascar until the security climate improves there.

Two political movements have rejected the roadmap and continue to insist there is no on Rajoelina stepping down.

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