Al-Qaeda is to blame for Libyan unrest, Kadhafi tells Western leaders

Reuters/Libyan TV via Reuters TV

In letters addressed to Western leaders, Libyan leader Moammer blamed the unrest in his country on al-Qaeda and said the UN security council authorising air strikes was invalid. He told the leaders of the US, France, Britain and the UN to stay out of Libya.


A day after declaring a ceasefire following a UN resolution allowing the use of air strikes to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, Kadhafi leader blamed the unrest in his country on al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Aqim.

“What would you do if you saw them controlling American cities, with the power of weapons?” he asked in the letter addressed to US President Barack Obama. “Tell me, how would you behave, so I can follow your example.”

“Libya is not yours, Libya is for all Libyans,” he said in another letter, addressed to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and UN chief Ban Ki-moon read aloud in English at a press conference by spokesman Ibrahim Moussa, Kadhafi warned against any military intervention.

“You will regret it if you take a step towards intervening in our internal affairs,” he said.

“The resolutions of the security council are invalid, because the Security Council is not authorized according to the UN charter to intervene in the internal affairs of any country,” said Moussa.

He reiterated that Aqim was to blame for the unrest, and invited the European and UN leaders to see it for themselves.

“Come and make sure that this is reality,” he said.

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