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French foreign minister denies strikes targeted Libyan civilians

آلن ژوپه، وزیر امور خارجه فرانسه
آلن ژوپه، وزیر امور خارجه فرانسه

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé says that airstrikes against Libya have been a "success" and denied civilians had been targeted. Juppé said the strikes will continue as long as necessary.


"We will continue with the airstrikes," Juppé told RTL radio, adding that the strikes targeted "military sites and nothing else."

As strikes against forces loyal to Moamer Kadhafi entered a sixth day, Juppé insisted operations were aimed at protecting Libyan civilian population.

On Thursday, air raids by a coalition led by the US, Britain and France, targeted military sites near Tripoli. On Wednesday night, witnesses reported a huge blast at a military base in a residential area near the capital. Libya’s state news agency said the raids had killed “a large number” of civilians.

A decision has yet to be reached on whether Nato should take charge of air strikes on Libya. A Nato diplomat told AFP news service the alliance would try to reach a decision on Thursday.

The French foreign minister added that France was in favour of handing over responsibility for implementing a UN-approved "no-fly" zone to Nato.

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