France expels Libyan diplomats


The French foreign ministry has ordered the explusion of 14 people who served as Libyan diplomats under the regime of Moamer Kadhafi giving them two days to leave the country. A statement by the ministry says the 14 are accused of "activities incompatible with the relevant UN resolutions" referring to the UN mandate under which international forces are bombing strategic Libyan sites. 



France was the first foreign power to formally recognise the Transitional National Council (TNC), the political leadership of the rebels fighting the Kadhafi regime.

Days after the start of the rebellion in February, the ambassadors to France and Unesco in Paris declared allegiance to the rebels complaining of repression by Kadhafi's forces against civilians.

The Kadhafi regime on Friday slammed as "piracy" the International Contact Group's decision to use its assets frozen abroad to set up a fund for the TNC.

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