Marrakesh bomb suspect was expelled from Libya

Reuters/Youssef Boudlal

The main suspect in last month's bomb attack in Marrakesh had previously been expelled from both Libya and Portugal, the Moroccan interior minister told reporters on Friday. Officials praised cooperation with France ahead of the arrest of three people.  


Taieb Cherkaoui revealed that the suspect had been trying to enter Iraq when he was expelled from Libya.


He added that the man had been arrested with two others, at Safi, 350 kilometres south of Casablanca.

The minister alleged that the key suspect had learned on the internet how to make explosives, and that all three arrested were admirers of al-Qaeda.

Sixteen people, including eight French nationals, were killed in the blast on 28 April, and 21 others were injured.

Althought there is speculation that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb was linked to the attack, no one has so far claimed responsibility.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Rabat government praised the intelligence cooperation between Morocco and France, which led to the arrests.


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