Burkina Faso

Angry soliders in late night rampage through streets of Po


Angry soldiers in Burkina Faso fired their weapons into the air late into the night on Saturday a month after widespread army and police mutinies. The incident took place in the key garrison town of Po in the south of the country near the border with Ghana.


The town is a symbol for the army whose officers and commanders are trained there.

Witnesses say the shooting went on until 4am and some government vehicles were taken over before the soldiers returned to their barracks.

The rampage comes a month to the day after the start of a mutiny by the presidential guard which spread to rank and file soldiers and police across the country. The mutinies were sparked by demands for better pay.

At the same time, the country has seen a wave of protests over police brutality and the high costs of living.

A total of 12 people have been killed since the protests began some during a crackdown by security personnel

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