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Libya - Chad

Libyan workers flee to Chad

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The UN estimates that some 74,000 people working in Libya have fled to Chad since the beginning of the Libyan crisis in mid-February. The total number includes several hundred Libyans and workers from other countries, who were in Libya when the fighting started. There are also concerns for some 2,000 Chadian migrants who are reported to be stranded on the Libyan border.


Whereas once migrants were spilling over the border into Libya, the situation has now been reversed with tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the wartorn country to seek refuge in Chad. Some have also struggled to cross the border.


Some 2,000 Chadian migrants have been stranded in Sebah and Gatroun and are in desperate need of emergency supplies, the International Organisation for Migration says.

Back in May this year, the European Commission pledged 10 million euros in aid for refugees in the region, but the IOM says the situation remains precarious.

Since fighting started, migrant workers have often being accused by rebels of being mercenaries for the Kadhafi regime.

It is not the the first time that Chad has had to deal with a humanitarian emergency.

Back in 2008, over 250,000 people sought refuge in Chad from fighting in Sudan's Darfur region.

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