French government blocks jobs for foreigners

The French government has cut the list of jobs open to non-European foreigners in a bid to reduce legal immigration.

Reuters/Philippe Wojazer

In April, French Interior Minister Claude Guéant announced he wanted to cut work-related immigration, claiming that the integration of migrants had failed in France.

Now the list of jobs open to non-European immigrants has been halved. Foreign lift-repairers, surveyors and insurance salesmen are no longer welcome.

This means draughtsmen, auditors and telemarketing salespeople from outside the European Union may still apply for jobs in France and apply for work permits.

All jobs in IT services and in building have been removed from the list of positions available to immigrants.

Trade unions criticised the plan and employers said that it was not a priority but President Nicolas Sarkozy”s government, which is under electoral threat from the anti-immigration Front National, pressed on with the changes.

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